Intimacy: ‘I see YOU’

Video Time: 13.5 minutes


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  • This is truly deep and ever-deepening with you, Philip. Your appearance changed somehow. It was very powerful. These words don't cover it.

    Christine Behan, UK
  • Doing this has magnified the sense of no separation.

    Dee Whittingham
  • I simply felt all of everything, Thank you.

    Sandi Teale, UK

  • Thank you, great peace.

    Elizabeth Benson, UK
  • Amazing experience.

    Asheleshia, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Joy indeed.

    Anne Houghton, UK
  • WOW!!!!! That was very powerful indeed, the whole room looked very different during the open gaze, like I was seeing just pure energy! And when I turned to look at Clare she was a deep purple colour, AMAZING!

    Simon Whitehead, UK
  • Dear Philip asked me to look deep into his eyes. He told me it was/is called “Open Gaze”. He invited me to literally see and experience what is known as Infinite Silence/All That Is through his eyes. I was deeply sobbing and gazing through constant tears for quite some time even though I was also feeling “I’m not worthy to see this Loveliness, this JOY, this Miracle” and then be shown even more, more deeply. I was stunned into complete Love and JOY as if I had been struck with lightning. I had embraced Infinite Silence, and It had embraced me. Any words I have used for this experience are trite, lifeless and unsuitable to describe this experience, this Gift. There are no words. That JOY-filled experience is etched into my total being-ness.

    Lin Vasilovich, Los Angeles
  • The healing energy truly connected to my soul. In silence, communication was in Technicolor beyond words. Feeling so peaceful and my heart is alive in the energy of unconditional love.

    Elizabeth Benson, UK
  • I was transported to Silence.

    Simon Whitehead, UK

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